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If you haven't already thought about using the power of audio to drive your strategic communications campaign, think again.  GaideCom delivers unsurpassed audio services backed by more than 25 years of experience:


Multi-track Recording and Mixing

Analog and Digital Signal Processing

Pro Tools Editing

Audio Post Production

Sound Design

Sound Effects Production

CD Pre-Mastering

MIDI Programming

Telephony Production

Digital Audio Editing

Corporate Scripts and Voicemail

File Conversion and Delivery Format Preparation

Audio for Corporate Video Presentations

Press Conferences

Corporate Broadcasts and Conferences

Satellite Tours

Field Remote and Location Recording

PA/Sound Reinforcement Systems

Wireless Systems


GaideCom's studios are fully equipped with multiple digital audio workstations, a comprehensive complement of audio hardware and software packages, broadband internet connectivity, ftp site and internet video conferencing capabilities.  And, we're conveniently located on Long Island, just an hour from New York City. 




















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